What you get as a member

A community that helps you make sound property decisions.


Members Solo
Weekly RoadTrips with membersViewing via open homes when you get the time and motivation
Access to our custom softwareExcel wasn’t made for this type of application so you resort to an alphabetical notebook to help you keep track and remember everything
Access to funding opportunities outside banks and second tier lendingStrapped for capital
Access to our directory of members and business networksHours sourcing suppliers and tradies
RenoTracker (our project management tool)N/A
TradeTracker (our renovation budgeting tool)N/A
Online knowledge base and resource centreHours of searching online or in books
Supplier discounts so you keep your budget in checkNo discounts or those that just aren’t as good which means you’re always behind the eight ball!
Real time market informationOutdated or no market information


Members Solo
Access to a whole community of like minded people who encourage and support you to make sound decisions - real and reliable people, who keep you motivated and on trackExpensive and time consuming mistakes
Feedback and support throughout your property investing journeyFear of failure
Serious fun!Lots of coffee and chats with no real action
Parachute into an existing chapter or even start your own My Properties chapter with a bunch of like minded friendsDo the hard yards on your own starting from scratch
Your own ‘go-to’ community of people who you can trust and who are ready, willing and able to be there for you when you need helpChewing the ear off friends and family who have no interest in property!
Knowing first-hand the hurdles and commonly made mistakes in the property industryNo structures, misinformation, every problem is a new problem
Joint venture opportunitiesLimited capacity to carry on
Like minded people with no vested interest who genuinely want to see and help you prosperYou’re plagued by the tall poppy syndrome


Members Solo
Buy, reno, sell and rent information to help you maintain profit marginsBudget over-runs and losses
Exclusive member only events where you get to network with other members and hear subject matter experts speakLack of know-how
Access to the professionals who have helped us on our journeyAdvice that costs you money from people who don’t really know their stuff
Give back and help others out as you build knowledgeYou really want to share your knowledge with family and friends, only none of them are interested
Project Management - people within the community can help get you off the ground and into actionYou pay someone else a project management fee only to find they don’t know how to run a project
Start up knowhow to get you going and provide ongoing support as you navigate the hurdles of managing your own small businessYou buy property in your own name, have no idea about any taxes, and have no idea about who to get advice from!

The one thing that stalls action is inaction! We all know we have knowledge, and we know what really holds us back is the chance to check in with someone else to make sure we’re on the right path.

Joining our community enables you to unlock your full potential by working collaboratively with others.

We provide an affordable alternative to traditional educators and seminar learning.

My Properties is a collaborative community where everyone is linked together through our software, our passion for property investing, and our shared commitment to helping each other prosper.

Feedback and support from people you trust and respect. Access to software. Joint venture opportunities. Funding opportunities. Access to specialist experience and knowledge. Save money. Real time property information. Knowledge. A community can help get you off the ground and into action. Serious fun. Support with setting up and running your business. Access a directory of members and business networks.

Story of a member

Rachel H. was new to property investing. After a few open-homes she came across a property she was super keen on. Her agent said it was subdividable and high yielding with a consented sleepout that could be rented out separately. She was all set to bid at Auction when she discovered My Properties.

We invited her out on our weekly RoadTrip so we all could view the property with her. As it happened we had been to the property 3 months prior. The so called consented sleepout was illegal; yes, the site was subdividable, but only if the house was moved or removed; and it even had a toilet in the garden shed that had been illegally connected.

We saved Rachel every cent of her $6,000 membership fee there and then. In that one visit she learned how to source and research the property file, a heap about subdividing and reset her expectation of a good yield. And, she didn’t buy that property!