Who are our members?

We’re all drawn together by our exuberant enthusiasm for property. At a basic level, we’re all small business owners - property is the small business for each of us.

We’re a diverse bunch – check some of us out below


45, motorcycle enthusiast and budding craft-brewer

Owns 5 properties – has purchased 12 properties since joining My Properties

“My Properties is awesome for the extensive knowledge base, friendly community spirit, cost-effective membership fees – and it’s fun! It gives me the ability to network with like-minded individuals and provides great learning opportunities.”

Jody B

47, vet, novice superstar

Owns 3 properties; 2 were bought since joining My Properties.

“In around 6 months I have been able to hone my skills and identify my strengths in my personality and find the things that I excel at and that bring me joy. I have a newfound passion for going to work on my new business. I have managed to flip 2 properties, buy a hold, have nearly completed my first joint venture and helped a young couple into their first home-and-income. It has changed my life. I have learnt so much about the unitary plan, the Auckland council GIS viewer, about sale and purchase agreements and all sorts of things that used to sound like a foreign language but now sound like music to my ears. You couldn’t make a better decision than joining My Properties.”

Brett C

53, builder, renovation guru

Has purchased more than 10 properties since starting with My Properties and another 15 or so prior.

“I’m a fairly confident trader having been in the building trade for over 30 years but what My Properties gives me is a fantastic networking system to be able to do this job way better than an investor working on his own. While the market has changed, there are still opportunities to be taken and this group is a facilitator in making that happen. It gives you confidence to make decisions quickly with the back-up of knowledge that is available to you.”

Leigh F

45, project manager, just left the corporate rat-race

Owns 2 investment properties, both bought since joining My Properties.

“If you are willing to take action and have a love for property, join My Properties! I really like the community of like-minded individuals and the “help-each-other” mindset. I do the road trips and use the online resources and pick the brains of other members – there’s no big egos here and I really value the encouragement.”

Nawfal M

27, car salesman + finance officer, setting up his future

Since joining My Properties, Nawfal has bought 2 holds and had 1 rewarding trade

“Property can be a lonely road and no one person knows everything – at My Properties we have a community of educated people who have different ideas and – together – we tend to get it right. I like the road trips, getting feedback on the value of a potential property, and being able to ask for help around what tradies to use or how to do something. Joining My Properties is going to save you a lot more money than it will cost you.”

Rachel A

42, hairdresser and mum

Third renovation underway - hubby now has to go to the salon to get his hair cut!

“It has been great to meet people doing what I wanted to do. To bounce ideas off and to have their advice has been priceless.”

Are entrepreneurs. Are creative and motivated. Want their own small business. Resilient. Hard workers. Humble (put our money into properties not cars). Practical. Enjoy the freedom to do what they want when they want. Have a sense of humour. Optimistic. Recognise that any business has cycles, including property, and have strategies for every cycle. Accountable. Self driven. Well organised. Considered. Ambitious. Plan for future.