Our Founders

Meet Penny and Armin

Armin Morrison

Armin commenced her property career in her early twenties in Queensland, Australia. She carved out a successful career as a licensed real estate agent for over 10 years before going on to complete a Bachelor degree in Business followed by an MBA.

Having invested in her first property with her partner in 1986, Armin brings a dynamic mix of both personal and professional experience in property and business. Knowing first-hand the hurdles and commonly made mistakes in the property industry, she is driven in assisting people to address and understand these challenges.

By merging her industry experience with her passion for property, people and technology, Armin has successfully introduced a unique, fresh and alternative approach to the way property investors go about their business.

Armin's first house

Was in Glenfield (1986). “Mum and Dad pulled some strings to get us a house/land package. It was down the road from the new poo ponds and was just a house, on some poles, on a clay section. When we took out our loan interest rates were 18% and rapidly rose to 23%. We worked weekends building fences, a deck, sowing grass, paving the driveway and turning it into our home.

Penny Laybourn

Penny is the IT brain behind My Properties, having come from a background as an IT developer. Her IT skills are put to perfect use by working with developers to ensure our cloud platform runs like a well oiled Honda 400 Four motorcycle!

Her precise planning and analytical skills, have served her well in her own property investment journey. About twenty years ago, Penny was faced with the same conflict most first home buyers experience; buying their ideal property with limited access to funding. Recognising that better value would be found by considering locations outside of her preferred area, Penny amended her focus accordingly. To make her money go even further, she took an unorthodox approach at the time and invested in her dream home 50/50 with a friend. This was the start of her own successful investment property portfolio.

Penny has gained considerable property investing experience since then, and is passionate about sharing everything she’s learnt with first home buyers and budding property investors alike. She understands that everyone is investing for the same reasons: their future financial security; which is why she is committed to helping others succeed.

Penny's first house

Was in New Lynn (1998). “I desperately wanted to buy in Kingsland and couldn’t afford it. One morning on the train to work as I was reading the newspaper, I spotted a small ad with the heading “Park like grounds – $255,000”. It seemed like a long way out and a real bargain. It was doable on my own but I was quite fearful so talked a mate into going 50/50. It had a sleepout and a swimming pool and we had flatmates in to help pay the mortgage. I later bought my friend out and still own the property today.