Our Software

Our intuitive software keeps our community humming. RoadTrips with maps, property info with all the numbers, tradies, contacts, stay safe with TradeTracker, member messenger and more…

Even our software is an example of how our peer to peer community works – our members have input into the software we build and they enter the latest information they gather while out in the field and networking.

We have designed software that is a collection of tools you need to succeed, enabling you to have a sharp focus and get the job done with pinpoint accuracy.

The powerhouse that is the unique combination of our software and our community of like-minded investors enables calculated, strategic, and informed action.

Real time data – live sales information from yesterday and today (not months or years ago). Connected to the community 24/7. Safe and secure. Easy to use and intuitive. Built by property investors for property investors. Mobile community. Smart maps and location finders. Work to your own schedule. Constant information, posting articles, trade details, suppliers, road trip information. Weekly RoadTrips. User generated content. Contributing. Information at your fingertips for difficult conversations with your bank, broker, accountant or spouse. Negotiation tools. The software remembers everything so you don’t have to. Favourites and property information. Keep each-other up to date with what you’re doing, reach out for help. Never forget a property, with images, maps, and details. Glue that holds the community together, Always developing. Enables you to identify your goals. Software enables collaboration and sharing, real-time data – comparing sales data, the market knowledge.