About Us

We help our members grow through peer-to-peer learning, custom designed software, and connections with experts who have helped us along the way.

What We’ve Done

We’ve brought a collection of people together who share a common interest in property and created our community.

We invest in communities and that starts with each other; each one of us is the CEO of our own small business and each one of us wants the other to be successful – My Properties is our virtual workplace where we achieve and prosper individually and collectively.

Our Story

Business, property and IT are in our DNA so putting them together to form My Properties was easy.

In 2014 we set about creating My Properties; a peer-to-peer community of property investors with a difference.

We realised that we didn’t need a mentor. With integrity, collaboration, our collective knowledge and experience, and the genuine curiosity to keep learning, we could support, motivate, share and learn together, help each other to prosper, have successful small businesses and continue to build the social capital of our community.

Every one of our members understands they have a role of stewardship in a space where collaboration rather than competition is our mantra.

Our Culture

People in our community are passionate about property – some may say obsessed! We come from all walks of life: IT, human resources, builders, account managers, mums, dads, partners, caregivers, grand-parents, lawyers, vets, hairdressers, accountants. And we love sharing with those who share our passion. We have a thirst for learning, we love to innovate and we know taking action is what makes the difference.