Every successful property investor does this one thing

What’s the one thing EVERY successful property investor has in common?

They do it with the HELP of other people.

In fact, your network determines your net worth.
You’re a product of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

So look around… who are you spending your time with?

  • Is it people telling you that house prices are falling so now is not a good time?
  • People telling you they’re really conservative or risk averse, which somehow implies that if you’re investing in property you must be the opposite?
  • People telling you they did it years ago and now isn’t a good time?
  • People telling you that having rental properties is a nightmare?
  • People telling you they wished they’d done it years ago and now the house prices are too high?
  • People telling you all you need to do is go to a few seminars and read some books?

The list goes on!

The power of working collaboratively

Connecting with people that share my values and interests has changed my life. It’s kept me safe, motivated, challenged, real, inspired to share with others – better questions have lead to better decisions.

Many of us are familiar with the blank(ish) look of a partner, friend or work colleague when we speak with excitement and animation about our property plans. It’s not that they don’t want to listen or be enthusiastic for you; they just don’t share a passion for property or the idea of it is too big and scary!

When you think about it, it easy to have a work conversation with a work colleague – that’s because you’re all on the same page, in amongst it. That plays out with sport, hobbies, family stuff – its easy to engage when there’s a shared interest.

So when it comes to property, if you’re struggle to get going or thinking that you just need to get more knowledge, or go to one more property seminar, or spend more time looking at property, or join up to one more Facebook group, we both know you’re really just procrastinating and as much as you might think you’re connecting to a network of people, you’re still not being active.

That’s why My Properties exists – it’s a virtual workplace – a common space where people converge, running their own small (or big) business in amongst a collective of people who understand that the most important tool is having people around to learn from and share with.

Sure, many will tell you it’s easy to do it yourself, and that might work for some people.

They’ll never know what they’re missing out on though by not having some real horse power to drive them along!